Retinoscopy Practice Eye

IMITATIVE EYE ARGO AIE001 retinoscopy practice eye, aiming to through the telescopic tube and allocate units of different lens in its front curved slot to simulate a variety of refractive human eye .
The optometrists use it to teach and the students use it to practice together with the instrument of optometry lens and ophthalmoscope


  1. The color of the retina patterns is lifelike, the geometric size and focal length ratio is matched with the human eye.
  2. Then adjustment diopter range of the Retinal picture is 9.00D: the error of the diopter scale is less than 0.25D
  3. Pupillary light bar. There are 3, 5, 7 three kinds to simulate the small pupil, ordinary pupil, and the clinical status of the dilated pupil . Change it through switching the handle in the front of the tube at the bottom sheet.
  4. In front of the tube of the instrument ,there is a three-place arc-shaped groove for the refraction lens, put into the refraction lens or cylinder of different degree of astigmatism and axial. The Astigmatism axial dial shows 0-180 degrees (DEG), and every scale value is 5 degrees.
  5. In order to adapt the practitioners to exercise and operate the instrument at different heights, just need to move the tube to make itself suppression and down ( adjust the axis screw only when necessary).


The calibation of the practice eye (from +4 ........... -5 units as D) only shows the diopter of the instrument itself (or the diopter of the practice eye when the tube is flexed to a position ), the user must make sure a suitable and accurate distance between the ophthalmoscope and the practice eye when using this instrument.
When the distance is 1 meter , one +1.00D optical lens should be put in the arc-shaped slot (If the distance is 0.5M ,then the optical lens is +2.00D), so the diopter of the practice eye is matched with the marked degree.
That is: When the distance is 1 m, it reaches the "point" (light and shadow is the same), the diopter of the increased refraction lens minus +1.00D is the practice's actual diopter, (if the distance is 0.5M ,then minus +2.00 D,).

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