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AR 9502 AR9502

The Autorefractometer has the function of quick measurement for diopter of 2mm minimum pupil size & latest TFT LCD design.

ARGO AR9502 Autorefractometer measured more quickly due to the micro process and quick graphic process Built-in Technology.

Quick measurement for diopter of minimum pupil size. New design of colorful screen(5.7" TFT LCD). Auto-fog chart pupil distance auto-measured available.

Choice for vertex distance.


  • measuring range spherical: -20?+20D(VD=12)0.12D steps.
  • Cylinder -8?+8D 0.12D steps. Axis: 0?180??1? steps.
  • Pupil distance: 45?85mm,1mm steps.
  • Vertex distance: 0mm,12mm,13.75mm.
  • Minimum pupil size: 2.0mm.
  • Chart auto-fog display: 5.7"TFT.
  • LCD prints, thermal printer power supply: 100?120v/200?240v,50/60Hz.
  • Dimensions: 484(L)x282(W)x440(H)mm. Weight: 20kg.

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