AAT8101 - ARGO


The instrument is designed on the basis of Goldman tonometer.
Both T type and R type are available.

  • When used with Slit Lamp, it can be used to examine the eyes and measure the ocular pressure.
  • Accurate measurement and total tolerance is less than 0.066Kpa(0.55Hg)
  • It gets the ocular pressure directly.
  • The measured ocular pressure is not affected by the eye´s hardness. The affected ocular volume is just 0.56 cubic millimeter.
  • Adjustable measuring ensures the long-term stability and reliability.
  • Measurement range: 0--10.64Kpa.
  • Light right displacement: 1.53x2=3.06mm.
  • Diameter of the testing head: 7mm.
  • Average error: 70Pa.

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